Swim School Autumn 2021

10-week Technical Swim Coaching

October 10th to December 19th 2021 (excluding 17th October) 
5 - 6 pm
Castle Rock School, Coalville

Lead by BTF Level 3 coach and former British Triathlon Olympic High-Performance Coach Mark Pearce, this unique swim programme takes you through all the aspects of improving your front crawl stroke for triathlon and open water swimming. 

This session is completely technique focussed, beginning with improving aspects such as:

  • Breathing and breath control
  • Improving your body position
  • How to use your legs effectively (this may mean using them less)
  • Optimising your alignment
  • Understanding how rotation affects your stroke
  • Correct timing of your stroke.  
  • The propulsive parts of your stroke with the catch and pull through.  
  • Understanding how your stroke rate impacts your speed. 

I have been swimming at ITT Swim schools for a fair period now. My technique has improved immeasurably in that time. ITT have a strong supportive yet challenging environment that gives you quality feedback whilst pushing you to progress. I highly recommend coming along

by Neil

I have found attended the technical swim school session absolutely brilliant. Being able to break down & practice each part of my stroke has improved my swimming 100%. It has also helped my confidence in the water. Great facilities, staff & pool.

by Sharon

Using a combination of drill exercises and full stroke swimming with a maximum of 6 swimmers per lane with three coaches on deck, you can expect constant feedback and expert advice during the session. 

As part of the programme, you create an account on our member's area, where there is additional content, but also a calendar with the session in.  Your lane coach will add comments here to help remind you of the key aspects you individually need to focus upon. 

There is also a private group chat facility that enables participants to ask questions and discuss the sessions.

Each week you will receive an email with an outline of the schedule for that week. You will also receive video demonstrations of the drills to be used, a briefing of why the areas being worked on that week are important and how to make the most of the session.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this aimed at?

This session caters to novice swimmers who can swim a few lengths up to competent age-group swimmers in regular swim training.  

How do I sign up?

Using our Team Up app you can choose a suitable lane for your ability and register for the course.  You will receive an email shortly after outlining how you sign in to our member's areas for the additional content. Using the button below will take you directly there. 

How do I know which lane to sign up for? 

Each lane has a guideline pace, this is a time per 100m that you would be able to hold for a continuous swim of ~20min.  If in doubt, time a swim for 20m and see how far you go. then work out the time per 100m.  Alternatively, drop us a message and we will help you work it out.   

What are the paces for each lane?

Lane 1 - 2m 30s to 3min per 100m

Lane 2 - 2m15s - 2m 30s per 100m

Lane 3 - 2m to 2m 15s per 100m

Lane 4 - 1m 45s to 2m per 100m

What happens if I can't make a session?

If you are unable to make a session you will still receive the emails with the session details, and the links to all the video information, so you can try to do it on your own when you can, but you won't get the feedback and direct instruction from the coaches.

Will I need any equipment?


As a minimum, you will need:- fins and a pull buoy.  Paddles will be used fairly often too. A snorkel will come in useful in some sessions.

Ready to Purchase?


Clicking Book Now will take you to the Team Up booking page where you will be able to select the appropriate lane.


After years of triathlon racing my cycling and running was improving each season but my swimming was at a standstill, no matter what I tried it just wasn’t improving at all, that's when I decided to sign up to ITT Swim School with Mark and his coaching team. 

ITT swim school sessions are a great set with a coach for each lane and swimmers of similar ability in each lane, there’s no overcrowding and plenty of space, the coaches are friendly and they give you loads of feedback and advice during the session and are always happy explain in detail how and why the drills/swim sets we are doing that session will help improve our swimming technique both in the pool and open water.  

Since attending these sessions even with numerous breaks for covid related lockdowns I’ve taken over 2/3 minutes of my 1.2 miles swim time, I’m swimming more effectively and relaxed and I’m now getting out of the water fresh ready to jump on my bike and go.  

by Lisa

I joined the swim school as a below-average swimmer, determined to meet the Age Group Aquathlon qualifying standards, despite being 15+ seconds per 100m off the pace. 

The knowledge and experience of Mark and the other coaches, together with the support of my lane buddies have seen a significant improvement in my times and I’m thrilled to have achieved qualifying status - with a healthy buffer of time to spare. It’s been a great investment, paying great dividends. (I’m the current British Aquathlon champion for my age group - and that's something I never thought I would say!).

by Fiona

After just over a year in Swim School, I have massively improved as a swimmer in technique and efficiency enabling me to compete in triathlons and not burn too much energy in the swim discipline.

The school is for all levels from novice to elite, all the coaches are very encouraging and professional.

Most importantly I have met some amazing new like-minded friends along the way which makes the classes and the culture even more enjoyable for any level of swimmer.  

by Richard

Going to weekly ITT Swim sessions, for me, has provided the structure & consistency needed to improve my swimming. Something in a public pool environment is very hard to replicate, with ITT it’s fun and easy! highly recommend it.

by Darren